Saturday, December 08, 2012


Aloha and mele kalikimaka, family! 

This page is for a few of you who got my 2012 Christmas card.

"Some holiday things can't be 'splained."

And now, here is what I have to say about all that.  Going clockwise, starting from the upper left (aka, the mohawk picture):

  1. On the way to the Santa's Replacement Elves auditions after the regular elves went on strike.  Or, "what I looked like after trying to buy gifts."
  2. Like I said, some things can't be 'splained.  But can't you feel the warmth of the painting?
  3. Beersletoe.  Or holiday cheer, Hawai'ian style.  No, I am not blowing YOU a kiss.  Especially Uncle Mark. That would be gross.  That's for the Longboard.  Wait.  That sounds weird too. Really I am celebrating passing the audition!
  4. Look! I got my license to drive Santa's sleigh!
  5. Global warming means less snow up north.  But unholy (night) mud. I had to push the sleigh out of the mud. Repeatedly.
  6. The grinning man is trying to hide the smoking hole in the ground.  I should not have tried to take out Santa's sleigh after the beersletoe.  Or at least the beersletoe picture.  Ooops.  No elves nor reindeer were harmed; all ejected safely.
Now listen to Bing Crosby sing Mele Kalikimaka!  No, it isn't Dean Martin.  Seriously.  My dad taught me stuff like this.

Ok, ok.  Real photo credits.

  1. Self portrait on the way to a marathon after having just run a 50k (31 mile race).  Yes, I was super tired.
  2. That is a super famous painting at the Art Institute of Chicago.  And whatever you do, do NOT call it the "Chicago Art Museum."
  3. Yeah.  I'm still not blowing a kiss at you.
  4. I just won a major award at the Xterra World Championship half marathon!  Actually, that's a fib.  The piece of paper shows my time.  Which was... not very good.  But man was that pretty. They filmed Jurassic Park there!
  5. My legs were covered with mud after the Free State Trail Marathon in 2010.  I STILL have mud in places you don't want to know about.
  6. That's Kilauea's Halemaumau crater erupting behind me.  Suh-weet.  Looking.  It smelled like toots. Not sweet.
Thanks for checking in!  I hope everyone who received my card had a great year.  Actually, I hope everyone who did NOT get my card ALSO had a great year.