Tuesday, January 23, 2007

50+ Marathons for J-Lo

Special update: On 10/21/07, I hit the "50+" target!

64! For the latest updates, go here.

Last year, I was trying to complete 55-60 marathons. Unfortunately, I had to stop in August. A family member found out she had breast cancer. I stopped running to help take care of her. Lots of testing, one mastectomy, four rounds of chemo, and lots of drugs later, and... she's doing okay. And I'm running again.

On 2/17/08, Jacksonville FL will host the National Marathon to Fight Breast Cancer. I'll be there.

Between 1/1/07 and 2/17/08, I am going to attempt 50+ marathons to help raise awareness of the disease, early detection, and some of the other "faces" of cancer.

You'll see me. I'll be the guy in the pink shirt.

  • You can check my race schedule down below.
  • You can read reports of my races and various musings over here.
  • For more information on breast cancer, start with this site.
  • Want to make a donation to help fund breast cancer research? Support the Donna Hicken Foundation and the Mayo clinic here.
Marathons and Ultras completed: 64

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